Review Of Ear Wax Microsuction London Clinic

Ear Wax Microsuction London Clinic Review

One of our staff found the best ear wax microsuction clinic in London. Here is our review…

One of our staff was up in London for a conference last week, and the day before the conference both of her ears blocked up. Here’s what she told us about her ordeal.

Both Ears Blocked With Wax

I was on my way to a conference in London last week, and went up the day before so I wouldn’t have to rush in first thing in the morning. When I woke up, my ears felt a bit squelchy, but after having a shower both ears were completely blocked and I couldn’t hear a thing! It was so frustrating. No matter how much wiggling and pulling on my ear lobes, they just wouldn’t unblock.

Anyway, I needed to get in to London, so I jumped on the train to the capital and hoped it would unblock some time during the morning. I had a lunch meeting arranged with a colleague and I really needed my ears to be working for that! But alas, they were still stubbornly blocked. Well, my colleague was very understanding an we went on Google to look for “ear wax microsuction London“.

We found a clinic with great reviews, and they’re just a short walk from Baker Street station in Central London… which was great, because the conference was in Euston, just a couple of stops away from Baker Street on the Underground. They have a great website and I was able to book online.

What Happened At The Ear Wax Microsuction Appointment

I was greeted by a lovely lady, who explained the process and asked about my medical history relevant to my ear health. She examined my ears with an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) microscope and then explained that the ear wax microsuction procedure uses a microscope and a medical suction unit that is specially designed for use in the ear canal, with a fine sterile suction tip on the end. She was able to see exactly where the ear wax was, and removed the ear wax without a fuss.

Other Methods Of ear Wax Removal

Because I only had a day to put oil in to soften the wax, some of it was rather stubborn and the suction was too gentle to get it out. Fortunately, all the practitioners at the clinic are trained to use ENT micro instruments, and within a few minutes both of my ears were clear and my hearing was better than ever.

Where To Get Ear Microsuction London

While I wouldn’t want to have an ear wax microsuction done every day, it was amazing to be able to hear again and the whole procedure was painless. I would thoroughly recommend this clinic to anyone with blocked ears, who wants to be looked after by friendly, expertly trained staff. Here’s where to go:

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